Kaiser Sheepskin

Environmentally Friendly Sheepskin Rugs for baby

Sheepskin Benefits

  • Is an electric half transmitter whereas synthetic is a 100% non transmitter. Only half transmitters give undisturbed room for the natural friction exchange of body and environment. An electric charge will therefore not take place.
  • Absorbs sweat immediately and is able to submit it seven times faster into the air then synthetic. Additionally, body poisons which are in the sweat are reduced.
  • Activates the blood circulation and the immune system,and supports the relaxation and regeneration of the body.
  • Keeps a healthy steady temperature. It influences the whole organism of the body in a vitalizing, relaxing way.
  • Is gentle on your skin because it consists of a similar basic substance as human skin.
  • Helps heal sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes.
  • Is temperature self regulating and therefore great for summer and winter.
  • Has a "self warmth" and never feels cold. The natural breathing of the skin continues.
  • Is always dirt and bacteria resistant. For centuries it has been known that natural sheepskin with its lanolin if left to hang in fresh air possesses a self cleaning power.
  • Natural sheepskin is best cleaned with sheepskin wash extract with Lanolin. This way the wool stays biologically active. The water temperature should never exceed 30 C.
  • Sheepskin can also be cleaned chemically at your local cleaner.

    In the old days everyone knew how sheepskin left in a natural state positively influenced the whole body organism. Today we are starting to remember.....